How the IT industry has changed with IaaS cloud services and why companies should consider moving to the cloud

As we know, setting up a traditional IT infrastructure involves purchasing hardware equipment, software and licenses and also need maintenance along with daily operation costs. Now, the cloud services with IaaS, PaaS and SaaS are changing this model to a more setup friendly, scalable and cost-effective business with literally no costs for equipment and maintenance.

To achieve higher data availability and security, IT companies and now adopting Cloud Services solution for its security and reliability. Cloud service providers are fully geared up to provide a best possible solution to the varied businesses needs and requirements.

Companies who don’t want to spend a fortune to set up the infrastructure and bear the huge costs upfront are mulling over the idea of managing it on the cloud. Cloud technology has become the need of the hour.

As infrastructure hosting accounts for a major share of the IT budget, companies now look forward to IaaS cloud services and hybrid hosting to save on the overall operations cost and make themselves future ready.

Cloud market has developed to cater to any service or software application demand. Companies don’t need to think twice to manage it on cloud due to numbers of factors as no new infrastructure has to be set up afresh on the cloud, users can migrate the entire existing infra to the cloud without impacting running operations and with minimum downtime.

IaaS service providers like Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean and Rackspace are now providing users with complete IT solutions including servers, network, storage and security frameworks, thus enabling them with moving their on-premise infrastructure to cloud and avail benefits in operations and management.

The billing and management services with pay-as-you-go model have been a great advantage from small IT companies as they don’t need to manage the hardware maintenance and operation costs along with multiple OEMs and vendors.

Some of the key benefits of moving IT business to the cloud are :

  1. Backup and storage; High availability
  2. Ready access to virtual network and service buses
  3. One-click deployment of operating systems and applications
  4. Uptime guaranteed
  5. Cross-platform deployments
  6. Applications can be completely run and deployed in cloud with zero on-premise hardware
  7. Support from all major enterprise software services
  8. Both public and private cloud options are available
  9. Easy and assisted migrations from providers
  10. Scalability for right-sized infrastructure

Tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft and Google are offering a multi-set of cloud computing services in the market to move the entire IT ecosystem to the cloud for better accessibility and management. Small and medium enterprises are expanding their horizon to the cloud.

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