We specialize in HealthCare IT Services!

Healthcare IT Services in the Medical field requires a Managed IT Services company with experience and health care expertise.

At Elit Consultants, we understand the IT challenges that a healthcare company faces when it comes to Healthcare IT compliance and Healthcare IT Security. Our team of experts have extensive experience deploying solutions that meet all HIPAA and HITRUST requirements to ensure your technical infrastructure is covered. We have multiple CISO’s on staff that evaluate all solutions deployed to ensure full HIPAA and HITRUST compliance, and that your PHI is protected. We also deploy enhanced Healthcare IT security modules to safeguard the PHI data and protect it from any ransomware attacks. With our 14 Network operation centers across the US, we have you protected 24/7, round the clock proactive monitoring. We also have a full HIPAA focused cloud division for any migrations or hybrid transitions into the cloud.

We specialize in HIPAA and HITRUST Compliant Solutions

As technological trends dynamically reshape the medical industry, compliance with various regulations that protect patient’s rights and ensure quality service delivery has become a key requirement for medical companies. Our Healthcare IT Compliance division has deep expertise in protecting your data.

To ensure that you are full protected and HIPAA and HITRUST compliant, we provide Sr. compliance engineers as part of our Healthcare IT consulting offering. Our security experts are involved in all infrastructure planning and deployments to ensure your patients PHI is safeguarded. We also design business continuity designs with immutable backups to give you rock solid protection against ransomware.

Let Our Security Division help bring you into Compliance!

Benefits of partnering with our managed Healthcare IT Services

* Seamless collaboration among your staff and teams

* Increased monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of your integrated IT infrastructure

* Top-tier security and integrity of both your systems and customer data

* Speedy recovery of your systems and data in the event of a disaster or an emergency

* Reduced costs from our all-inclusive billing

* Extensive experience in the medical sector

* Proven compliance solutions to protect your PHI data with our Healthcare IT Compliance solutions