Leverage our team to reduce your spend on IT!

We understand that although Information Technology plays a critical role in the success of your business, it is not a revenue generating division and the goal of every business is to minimize the IT Spend and at the same time ensure the business is operating at maximum efficiency with technology. We have built our Managed IT Service model around this concept, to ensure that your IT spend is reduced and at the same time, leading edge solutions are deployed. At Elit Consultants we sell our Managed IT Services offering on that basis, that we will provide the best, leading edge solutions with the overall goal of reducing and minimizing your IT spend wherever possible.

Another measurable benefit of working with an MSP like Elit Consultants, is that we handle all areas of IT for you, whether it be hardware or licensing procurement, cloud services, virtualization, IT Projects, IT Security and Compliance or 24/7 Service desk and NOC operations. This Managed IT Services Florida offering really helps the business to free up their resources to focus on what is really important, growing your business.

24/7 Service Desk

Our award willing 24/7 service desk is designed to make your life easier, and to quickly resolve any IT issues you may be facing. Our Managed IT Services team of experts spends the time to learn your environment, applications and critical servers and services, so that if there is an issue, we are prepared to quickly engage. Our sourcing your Service Desk operation to Elit Consultants allows you to reduced your overall IT Spend, provide 24/7 365 days per year coverage, so you can rest easy knowing your core Service Desk operation is taken care of. We provide 24/7 Service Desk and Managed IT Services outsourcing for Florida, New York, Chicago, California and other states across the US.

Smarter IT Designs

We pride ourselves on the skill and experience of our system engineers and IT architects, and our Infrastructure designs consistently setting the bar in our field. We leverage the very latest in cloud technologies [Azure, AWS] and virtualization [VSAN, Citrix, VDI] to ensure that all designs our teams produces are leading edge and ensure that your company is benefiting from the very latest Managed IT Services. Technology is constantly evolving and so is our approach.

Cloud powered solutions

We tend to try and leverage cloud technologies whenever possible to ultimately drop the total cost of ownership, and leverage the SaaS or PaaS cloud solutions for your business. The possibilities are endless and our Managed IT Services experts can assess your current infrastructure and design the right solution that makes sense for your business.

We also specialize in hybrid cloud solutions and cloud migrations, depending on your business needs and requirements.

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What makes us the best choice?

When it comes to choosing the right MSP for your business, we stand out from the rest for a number of reasons. For example, security is the cornerstone of all of our designs, and we take your data security seriously. From the perimeter to the internal workloads, our Managed Threat Protection services our Managed IT Services in Florida have you covered 24/7 365 days per year. We staff several full time CISO’s and are connected with worldwide managed SOC operations so that we can respond immediately and neutralize any threats to your environment.

Another area that sets us apart is the quality of our IT engineers, most with 15 + years enterprise class experience, which translates to better, smarter Managed IT Services designs for your business.