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At Elit Consultants we understand the MSP business, and the importance of being represented professionally at the client site. MSP Services Miami and throughout the US is our core focus, also with our MSP partnering services, we ensure that our engineers can provide the high level of onsite services that your customers demand. We only hire experienced engineers that are reliable, and put customer satisfaction at the top of their list. If you need a technician onsite at your data center, or onsite at your customer site to help troubleshoot or resolve critical issues, we are here for you 24/7 365 days per year.

We encourage you to call us today for a full list of our MSP onsite services, and a breakdown of the pricing. We offer competitive rates, and guaranteed top quality service.

IT Services

To let your internal IT team focus on core roles that directly resonate with your business objectives, we offer 24/7/365 days a year partnerships for onsite technical services such as the service desk. Additionally, we offer back end support through our monitoring NOC services that dynamically monitor and maintain a network ‘s status. MSP Services Miami and throughout the US are part of our core offering.

Our onsite teams are fast, professional and represent your company as you would envision. Our main goal is to make you look exceptional to your clients. All of our MSP division onsite techs have minimum 5 years of enterprise experience and are certified experts in their field.

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Reasons why MSPs prefer us over our competition

* We are fast
We seamlessly carry out our tech deployments and migrations within the planned schedule, thus ensuring zero to minimum downtimes.

* We are affordable
We offer IT solutions that can be scaled up or down depending on a customer’s demands.

* Security is our priority
We proactively protect IT infrastructure, including data and other valuable assets.